About us

Welcome to Edhulm, established from 2015 by a women founded brand in Malaysia, Edhulm stands tall as a dedicated Muslim brand, amplifying the beauty of the abaya worldwide.

Our journey began with a profound love for abayas, and it’s this affection that fuels our mission, to guide fellow Muslim sisters in embracing the abaya as a symbol of grace and modesty. Our collection features essentials, daily wear, and ready-to-wear abayas that resonate with both minimal and exclusive look.

More than just attire, Edhulm embodies a community-driven ethos. With our global shipping, we aspire to unite a worldwide community of women who share a deep appreciation for the abaya.

Designing and tailoring each piece ourselves, we infuse our love and dedication into every stitch, ensuring that each abaya tells a story of craftsmanship and timeless beauty.